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Did the Democrat Party tell Jussie Smollett to pull the Noose Stunt?

Jussie Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in the slammer for staging a hate crime yesterday, March 11, 2022. The 39-year-old actor also won 30 months of felony probation, a $25k fine, and judgement of $120,106 restitution. Jussie was taken into custody after sentencing but not before gaslighting the courtroom one last time, yelling "I'm not suicidal" as if his life would be in danger in country jail or his sentencing is a part of a larger conspiracy. Which is probably is...

From the minute I heard the fable about the Empire actor, at the height of his career, gallivanting around the mean streets of Chi-Town for a Subway sandwich at 2:00am... I gave Jussie the side eye. This smells like a foot-long Democrat publicity sub with avocado! "This is the exact type of stunt the Democrats would pull" I said to all who would listen. At of time of Jussie's fake ass event in 2019, Democrats were gearing up for the 2020 election where they would trot out the old and decrepit Joe Biden, to run against sitting president Donald J. Trump (who I voted for twice btw). In my 2016 viral video Beyonce Knowles, Hilary Clinton, I hate you both, the main point I wanted to drive home is the Democrats use news headlines, and seemingly "viral" human interest stories to invoke outrage or sympathy from the Black community. Collective outrage from the Black community sparks comments from every elite Black community leader i.e., Black entertainers and athletes who barely finished high school and token Black talking heads who all coincidently belong to one of the Divine 9 BGLOs (Black Greek Letter Organizations). The viral stories that helped Hilary's campaign all seemed to be centered around police involved shootings of unarmed Black men. These incidents happen year-round but they only seem to go viral when the elites need a favor from Black people.

United States police officers backed Donald Trump for the most part. The #BlueLivesMatter began trending in response the #BlackLivesMatter and its criticism of police officers. So, the overall temperament amongst Black liberals at the time was increasingly anti-police. The actions of officers, or their inaction, also contributed to contention, don't get me wrong. However, the communist 'powers that be' engineer ghettos, crime, and cops-and-robbers' conflicts. Conflicts are intricately woven into the fabric of their matrix, then exploited by media outlets to sway the public opinion of the middle-class taxpayers who fund all of this nonsense.

Anyway, the general public was becoming more suspicions of George Sorors and his antics, and it's my belief Jussie was put up to pull this stunt by his Democrat handlers to switch up their modus operandi. I believe it was his show producer and well-connected mentor Lee Danials that brokered the deal between Jussie and Democrats who paid Jussie's attackers, while Don Lemmon, and Kamala Harris were the ones who authorized the stunt. Just my cooky theory but, my Spidey-senses are usually A-1. Still just a theory... I have no proof. But these have been the most vocal Black leaders regarding this case at this point! Jussie yelling "I'm not suicidal" in court as if he could potentially be Epstein'd and during his 150-day stay in the county is either ridiculous or he's afraid of the Clintons! I don't think the Clinton's would waste the energy on such a low-level player, but they probably did scare him out of admitting whose idea it was for him to pretend to be lynched by hooded actors posing as racist, homophobic White men.

The biggest tell this was a staged event comes from Cook County's State Attorney, Kim Foxx. She has done everything she could to obstruct justice in Jussie's case. Following his guilty verdict, Kim Foxx accused Smollett's trial of being "damaging, costly and disingenuous criminal prosecution" which it most certainly is not. Foxx claims Jussie's trial delayed murder trials but she was not worried about murders when she dug up 30-year-old allegations to put defamed singer R. Kelly behind bars. A feat many say Foxx pursued to improve her image after Jussie embarrassed her and all of Chicago's law enforcement. Jussie "hate crime" happened Jan 20, 2019, he was later charged Feb 20, 2019, by a grand jury with a class 4 felony for filing a false police report. Two days later, Feb 22, 2019, R. Kelly was indicted. Feb 23, 2019, Ms. Foxx does a press conference announcing the 4 counts of aggravated criminal assault from incidents happening in1998 and 1999. The R. Kelly saga is a whole other story for another blog post, but the point is the Democrat party has its grimy hooves all over this!

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