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Kiki Green

November 2016, Kiki went viral on YouTube gaining over one million views and 21k subscribers fusing politics with pop culture. Almost immediately her channel was shadow banned. Her channel was one of the first conservative platforms to be attacked by YouTube censorship and suppression which is now the case for just about everyone on social media. These challenges have inspired Kiki to create so her listeners will have a way to keep up with her.  The long awaited launched March 2022, creating a space for Kiki's listeners to communicate with each other away from censorship as well as book 1-1 life or business coaching sessions. 

Kiki Green, began her broadcasting career in 2005, on 88.1FM in Hampton, VA. Aug 2006, Kiki graduated from Hampton University with a bachelor's in media management. She hosted her own radio show on Kaleidoscope radio in 2007 from Hollywood, CA. Kiki has worked in Ad Sales at MTV Networks, at Myspace and Myspace Music she wore several hats including HR, reception, facilities and coordinator roles. 2013, Kiki created a conscious BlogTalkRadio show Dymond's Radio. In 2015, earned a M.S. in Professional Counseling from GCU. Also in 2015, Kiki, began hosting Sunday Mornings on Old School 105.7 in Las Vegas, NV, and a weekly podcast America's Mental health on 720AM in Las Vegas, NV.




Hampton University

B.A. Media Management. Print, broadcast and photojournalism training, media law and ethics. Business management minor, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership. 



M.S. Professional Counseling. Counseling modalities used for treating clients impacted by many psychological, social, behavioral and emotional issues.


In progress...

Ed.D Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on behavioral health organizations. Leadership and planning, with an emphasis on clinical supervision in behavioral health settings and intervention methods, with the EdD online in behavioral health.

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